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World view

A World View, also spelt as worldview is a term calqued from German word Weltanschauung ("look onto the world"); the latter one is still in wide use.

The term denotes a comprehensive set of opinions, seen as an organic unity, about the world as the medium and exercise of human existence: politics, economics, religion, culture, science, human values.

World view describes a consistent (to a varying degree) and integral sense of existence and provides a framework for generating, sustaining and applying knowledge.

At all times, religious and political teachings were bases for forming worldviews; in fact, they were often worldviews themselves. For example, christianity, islam, socialism, marxism, scientology may be called worldviews; at least they generate clearly identifiable worldviews.

Historically, world views changed little and slowly, achieving wide (and often unquestioning) support. Postmodernism has encouraged a proliferation of ever-changing Weltanschauungen.

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