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World gazetteer

A world gazetteer is a world-wide geographic dictionary index; a combination atlas/almanac. It typically contains information concerning the geographic makeup of a country or region, and the social statistics, e.g. population, GDP, literacy rate, etc. They can be found in reference sections of most libraries.

Gazetteer editors gather information from census reports and organize it in digest form. World gazetters usually consist of an alphabetical listing of countries, with pertenant statistics for each one, with some gazetters listing information on cities of varying sizes. Gazetteers are not limited to describing political features; they can also describe any geographical features such as mountains, waterways, or roads.

A world gazetteer is distinguished from other gazetteers by virtue of its inclusion of the entire world, instead of centering on the statistics of one location. World gazetteers usually offer less detail on each location than other gazetteers.

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Examples of electronic world gazetteers can be found at:

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