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Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin (黃大仙; Pinyin: Huáng Dŕxian), also called the Great Immortal Wong.

According to Self-Descriptions of Chisongzi (《赤松子自述》) located in Wong Tai Sin Temple, in Hong Kong, Wong Tai Sin was born Wong Tso Hap (黃初平 Huang Chuping) in 328 in today's Lanxi City, Jinhua County (華縣蘭溪市), Zhejiang Province, China. He started practicing Taoism at fifteen. Forty years later, he was able to transform stones into sheeps. He is also known as Immortal Chisong (赤松仙子), named after his hermit mountain. August 23 (lunar calendar) is Wong Tai Sin's birthday.

In the early 20th century, Leung Renyan (梁仁庵) spread the influence of Wong Tai Sin from Qiaoshan (樵山), Guangxi province of China to Wan Chai, in Hong Kong. In 1921, under the advice of an enlightened one, they moved the temple to its current position.

The Wong Tai Sin district of Hong Kong of Hong Kong is named after the Wong Tai Sin Temple located there.

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