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Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Wolverhampton's Civic Hall has been one of the most important live music venues in the UK's West Midlands for several decades, though for many of the bigger names, the venue is in competition with Birmingham's Carling Academy, among others.

Along with its slightly smaller neighbour, the Wulfun Hall, it continues to attract big name acts, such as Blur and Dave Gorman.

However, Friday and Saturday nights are now dedicated to two long running club nights, Cheeky Monkey and Blast Off respectively. Blast Off in particular has a large local following, with many regulars, though it has a mixed reputation -- some adore the atmosphere in the 3,000 capacity venue while others despise the 'school disco' feel, as they describe it.

The Civic Hall/Wulfun Hall complex is owned by the Wolverhampton City Council.