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Wolf Rüdiger Hess

Wolf Rüdiger Hess (November 18, 1937 - October 24, 2001) was the son of Rudolf Hess. An outspoken critic of the investigation of his father's 1987 death, he maintained to his dying day that the British SAS murdered his father to prevent his parole (which many thought was imminent). Wolf was sure that the murder was committed because the British were afraid that his father would reveal embarrassing information about British actions during the war, if he was allowed to speak freely.

Unlike the children of many other important Nazis, Wolf Hess was an unapologetic Nazi and fervent believer in Adolf Hitler. His father's long (solitary) imprisonment deeply embittered him, and he was further angered by what he thought was a cover-up.

Because of the difficulty his parents had in concieving a child, when Wolf was born, every gauleiter was instructed to send to a small amount of dirt from each Gau (district). The dirt was spread beneath a cradle, so that Wolf would symbolically begin his life on the whole of German soil (Source)

In addition to his career as an architect, Wolf wrote two books: My Father Rudolf Hess (1986), followed by Who Murdered My Father, Rudolf Hess?

Until his death, he was head of the "Rudolf-Heß-Gesellschaft e.V.", who maintain a website dedicated to Rudolf Hess.

He left behind a widow (Andrea Hess) and a son (Wolf Andreas Hess).

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