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Wobbuffet is known as the "Patient Pokémon" and belongs to the Psychic type. It is shaped like a baloon, coloured blue and having a short flat black tail. Wobbuffet prefer to live in dark places.

Unlike most Pokémon, Wobbuffet can not learn any new attacks except the four they know when they are captured. They are Mirror Coat, Counter, Safeguard and Destiny Bond. These attacks do not do damage in themselves. Mirror Coat and Counter reflect back damage inflicted by an opponent's attack, which is where Wobbuffet owns its "Patient" characterisation; it is never the first to attack in a battle. Safeguard protects Wobbuffet from ailments. If its tail is hit by an attack, however, it will use Destiny Bond, which will cause the enemy to faint if Wobbuffet itself faints.

In the cartoon, Team Rocket acquire a Wobbuffet after it is accidentally exchanged with Jessie's Lickitung. Wobbuffet is like their equivalent of Misty's Psyduck. It has a habit of popping out of its Pokéball without being called.