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Wish You Were Here (song)

Wish You Were Here is the title track to Pink Floyd's 1977 album Wish You Were Here The song encompasses the band's feelings of alienation from each other, and their own selves, as well as their disillussionment with music.

The song segues in as a radio tune from Have A Cigar. David Gilmour and Roger Waters bring the song in on 2 tweleve- string guitars. It continues with a riff that is repeated a few times throughout the song. Gilmour plays a short solo in the middle. At the end, the song tails off to a wind sound effect (reminiscent of the one at the end of One of These Days on their 1971 album Meddle), as it transitions to Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

The song later appeared as the 10th track on disk 2 of the compilation CD Echoes, with the radio tune intro seguing from the end of Arnold Layne, and its end it seguing to Jugband Blues.

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