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Winky is a fictional character in the Harry Potter series. Winky was a House-Elf, who unlike Dobby, didn't want to be freed. She served the Crouch family and guarded many family secrets.

When Barty Crouch Jr escaped from Azkaban, his father kept him under the Imperious Curse it keep him under control. Winky cared for Barty Crouch Jr.

She persuaded Barty Crouch Sr to let his son attend the Quidditch World Cup. He agreed in the end, but neither knew that Crouch Jr. was fighting the curse and he stole Harry Potter's wand and used it to conjure the Dark Mark. Winky was sacked because she failed to keep Crouch Jr. under control, something which absolutely disgusted Hermione Granger.

Winky now works at Hogwarts. She is very depressed. Her family has served the Crouch family for generations. She still refused to give away her old masters secrets. When a dementor kissed Barty Crouch Jr, the Crouch bloodline ended.