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Wind surfing

Wind surfing (also called board sailing) involves travelling over water on a small 2-3.5 meter board powered the wind acting on a single sail, which can range from 1.7m2 for kids to about 11m2, depending upon the wind strength. It's truly a hybrid between sailing and surfing. The sail board might well be considered the most minimalistic version of the modern sail boat. Wind surfers can travel over flat water as long as there is enough wind, they can also cut into breaking waves and perform spectacular stunts.

Windsurfing at Sandbanks (Poole Harbour, England).

There are two classifications of boards, short boards and long boards. Long boards are usually used for racing and for beginners, and generally have a daggerboard. A short board is usually classed as less than 3m in length and is more maneuverable than a long board, allowing for all kinds of stylistic stunts. The development of windsurfing has meant that this disinction is becoming more and more blurred.

In competitions there are three main types of sailing:

Course sailing, fastest to complete the course wins.

Usually a timed event which is judged and the sailor who has the greatest reportoire, or manages to carry of the most stunts, wins.

Similar to freestyle (though wavesailing preceeded freestyle) except that the stunts are generally performed airborne.

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