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1 General-purpose Term for Unspecified Device
2 Floating widget in canned beer
3 Graphical component in Computer Programming
4 Device in Marvel Comics

General-purpose Term for Unspecified Device

"Widget" is a general-purpose term for any unspecified device, including those that have not yet been invented. It is commonly used in textbook and other examples where the identity of the product or function is irrelevant and could be distracting: students may be asked to design a business plan for the XYZ Widget Company.

Floating widget in canned beer

The floating widget found in cans of the beer is a hollow sphere, some 3 cm (1.2 in) in diameter. The can is pressurized by adding liquid nitrogen, which evaporates after the can is sealed, forcing gas and beer into the widget's hollow interior through tiny holes. When the can is opened, the pressure in the can drops, causing the pressurized gas inside the widget to jet out from the holes. The holes in the widget are angled slightly so that the widget spins, creating a creamy head inside the can. This imitates the foamy head created when pouring draught beer. Developing and perfecting the floating widget cost more than 300,000.

Beers sold in widget cans include:

Graphical component in Computer Programming

In programming, a widget is a graphical component such as a window or a text box. These are often packed together in widget toolkits. Programmers use widgets to build graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Device in Marvel Comics

In Marvel Comics, Widget is a robotic head built by Tweedledope of the Crazy Gang that is self-propelling and capable of generating portals to other dimensions out of its own construction. Widget is currently a member of the British super hero team Excalibur.