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Wicklow (Cill Mhantáin in Irish) is a county on the east coast of Ireland, immediately south of County Dublin. It is about 782 square miles in area.

Wicklow is also the name of the county town (pop. 9,355), although the largest urban centre is Bray (pop. 30,951). Other main towns include Greystones (pop. 11,913) and Arklow (pop. 9,993). All of these towns are situated on the eastern coast.

Wicklow is known as 'the last county' as it was the last to be incorporated. A 'Military Road' was built through County Wicklow to provide the British army with quick access to the hotbed of Irish rebellion that remained in existence in the Wicklow Mountains right into the 19th century.

Wicklow is also known as "The Garden of Ireland". However, many illegal dumps of hazardous industrial and hospital waste have recently (2003) been discovered in the county, leading to an alternative name - "The Tip-Head of Ireland".

The ancient monastery of Glendalough is located in County Wicklow.

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