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Who's That Girl (movie)

Who's That Girl is the name of a 1987 movie, released on August 7 of that year by Warner Brothers.


Who's That Girl is the story about a lawyer who is supposed to marry a high-class girl; the daughter of the boss of the law firm he works for, and of a female jail inmate that he is assigned to represent.

After the inmate is freed on bail, she and the lawyer begin an adventure that includes chases, jumping from one building to the other, going to expensive stores, and driving a red sports car. They are joined by her pet, a white tiger.

Movie Information

Although slightly successful among teenage audiences, the movie flopped at the ticket counters. Its soundtrack, Who's That Girl, was much more successful, spawning a number one hit in the song also named "Who's That Girl". The movie was released on home video format on November 11 of '87.