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White Mountains

For other ranges of this name, see White Mountains (Arizona) and White Mountains (California).

The White Mountains are a mountain range that covers about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire in the United States, and are the most rugged mountains in New England. The range is heavily visited due to its proximity to Boston and New York City.

Most of the area is public land, including the White Mountain National Forest as well as a number of state parks. Its most famous peak is Mount Washington, which at 6288 feet is the highest mountain in the Northeastern U.S. and home to the fastest winds (231 mph) measured on the surface of the earth.

Mount Washington is one of a group called the Presidential Range, all named after US presidents and other prominent Americans. The Old Man of the Mountain was a rock formation on Cannon Mountain.

The range is also known for the hut system operated by the Appalachian Mountain Club. The Appalachian Trail crosses the area from southwest to northeast.

Mount Monadnock, reportedly the second-most-climbed mountain in the world, is further south in New Hampshire, and is not part of the White Mountains.