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Westcountry Television

Westcountry Television is the ITV franchise holder in the South West (of England), replacing its predecessor, TSW - Television South West, on 1 January 1993. It covers Devon, Cornwall and areas of Somerset and Dorset.

Formerly an independent regional ITV broadcaster, Westcountry was taken over by Carlton Communications plc in 1996 (who by that time owned the London weekday and Central franchises), and was rebranded Carlton (West Country) in 1999.

Westcountry has not made any notable contribution to the ITV network, but produces mainly regional programmes such as Westcountry Live, the main evening news bulletin, as well as several regional factual series.

As with all other Carlton and Granada owned ITV franchises (and Channel Television), the regional name is now only used before regional programming; the remainder of the time it is called ITV1.

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