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West Zealand

West Zealand (Danish: Vestsjælland) is one of the 13 counties of Denmark. The county is responsible for public hospitals, upper secondary schools and schools for Higher Preparatory Examination, public transport and social welfare for the disabled. (Source: The Assoc. of County Councils)

The County Hall is located in the city of Sorø. Sorø is by no means the biggest city in West Zealand, but it has great historical value. It is for instance home to Sorø Akademi (Sorø Academy) an educational institution built in 1140 together with the church where Margaret I of Denmark was buried (later moved to Roskilde Domkirke, Roskilde).

Many people live in West Zealand but work in the greater metropolitan area of Copenhagen.

Area: 2,984 km² (7% of the total area of Denmark)

Population: 300,700 (2003) (about 5% of the Danish population)

Population density: 101 persons/km²

Municipalities: 23

The following municipalities (Danish: kommuner) exist under County of West Zealand:

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