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Wellington boot

The Wellington boot, also known as a welly, a wellie, or a gumboot, is a type of boot based upon a design worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. The boot is waterproof and is most often made from rubber or a synthetic equivalent. It is usually worn when walking on very wet or muddy ground, or to protect the wearer from industrial chemicals.

In Great Britain, there is a light-hearted sport, known as wellie wanging, which involves the throwing of Wellington boots as far as possible.

The boot has also given its name to the welly boot dance, said to have been performed by miners in Africa to keep their spirits up whilst working.

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The Wellington Boot, or The Wellie, is also a musical venue in the Westgate area of Rotherham, in the English county of South Yorkshire. The venue has been running since 1999[1].

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