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Weebl and Bob

Weebl and Bob is a highly popular internet cartoon created using Macromedia Flash, composed by Weebl and Skoo.

The first episode, 'Pie', was uploaded on the 6th June 2002. Shortly after that, MTVUK discovered Weebl and Bob, and in August 2002 licensed both the existing web content and other new content from the creator, who was 'overwhelmed with a sense of trouser-filling excitement'. However, the cartoon is aired on MTV under the name Wobble and Bob, after fears makers of the 1980s toy Weeble would sue.

As of January 2004, there are 53 episodes, typically about two minutes long. The two main characters, Weebl and Bob, appear exclusively in the first episode, and most of the later episodes.

Both characters are egg-shaped and though Weebl (left) is clearly bigger, Bob (right), is only differable by size. The cartoon is presented on a purple background, and the characters are white. Weebl and Bob both move on and off by rolling, but remain swaying when stopped. Both characters talk, though their voices are usually unintelligible. Helpfully, speech bubbles are used. This speech is well punctuated, but capitals are not used. The episodes are set to music (though it differs considerably between episodes), with the characters often talking in time to the rhythm.

Both Weebl and Bob want pie, in their words 'mmmmm! pie!', as do the other characters of their world. Each episode usually denotes one of their many attempts to get pie, or introduces a new character.

Other characters are noticably, in order of appearance, donkey, hairy lee, angry paul, wee bull, monkey, chris the ninja pirate, and the mysterious chicken.

A number of catch phrases from Weebl and Bob have become increasingly popular among internet users, noticably 'how rare', 'how handy', and 'there is no honour without pie'.

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