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Scientific classification
Family: Ploceidae
Many:see text
The Weavers are small passerine birds related to the finches.

These are seed-eating birds with rounded conical bills, most of which breed in sub-Saharan Africa, with fewer species in tropical Asia. The males of many species are brightly coloured, usually in red or yellow and black

Weavers get their name from the large woven nests many species make. These are elaborate structures of grass and twigs which may be suspended from a branch or have tubular entrance extensions. The buffalo-weavers, however, form massive untidy stick nests in their colonies, which may have several spherical woven nests within.

These are gregarious birds which often breed colonially. They sometimes cause crop damage, notably the Red-billed Quelea, reputed to be the world's most numerous bird.

Village Weaver colony in The Gambia
The nests are the spherical suspended objects