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We Get Restless

We Get Restless was the exhibition of photographs, oil paintings and cartoons staged by Laura Norder, Guy Smallman, Paul Petard and Paul Mattson at The Foundry from 30th April 2003 to 10th May 2003.

This was an exhibition of work centred on anti-capitalist activism. By timing it to coincide with the eve of the Mayday activities organised in London, it became an example of an art exhibition which was organised not simply as an opportunity to market the art, but rather an attempt to develop a broader cultural aspect to the anti-capitalist protest movement.

This was evinced by the relocation of the Indymedia,UK meeting to the location. Participants had to shout to make themselves heard over the DJing, disrupting the normal logocentric aesthetic of political meetings.

Also invited to contribute to the exhibition, was evoL PsychogeogrAphix, who commented that "being invited to art exhibitions make me feel like Gustav Metzger at the Fluxus Festival of Misfits even when i'm not invited to contribute. Then we get restless."