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Water lily

Nymphaea colorata from Africa is a member
of the Nymphaeaceae
The Nymphaeaceae (water lilies) belong to the Order Nymphaeales.


The lotus is a water lily in either the genus Nymphaea (the Egyptian lotus) or genus Nelumbo (the Indian lotus). Like most water lilies, both plants have round leaves that float on the surface of the water. Nymphaea leaves have a radial notch; Nelumbo leaves do not. Leaves lacking a notch reaching into the petiole (leaf stem) are called peltate. Nelumbo fruit is often used in flower arrangements. It has about twenty pits in its upper surface, each of which contains a seed. Both plants have been used as religious symbols.

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Nelumbo, the Indian lotus has peltate leaves.

The White Egyptian lotus is in the genus Nymphaea..