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Warrington, England

Warrington is a unitary authority in the north west of England. Part of the (historic) county of Lancashire, it was administered by Cheshire from 1974 until the late 1990s, when it becamea unitary authority. It is main town situated between Manchester and Liverpool. Landmarks of the town are Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, the Alice in Wonderland statue commemorating writer Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) born in nearby Daresbury, Old Market Gat and The Peace Centre (formerly the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Peace Centre). The Centre opened to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks in 1993, particularly on Saturday March 20, the day before Mother's Day, when an IRA bomb killed two boys, Johnathan Ball (3) and Tim Parry (12).

Several celebrities were born and grew up in Warrington - including actor Pete Postlethwaite - and one, George Formby, was buried here in Warrington cemetery.

Warrington is notable in political history for being the first place to field a candidate for the newly-formed SDP-Liberal Alliance. Former Home Secretary Roy Jenkins stood for MP in 1981 but lost to Labour candidate Doug Hoyle by a small number of votes.

However, many people, particularly Americans, will remember Warrington best as the location of Burtonwood RAF base, one of (if not the) largest RAF bases in England. During the war, Burtonwood was visited by major celebrities like Humphrey Bogart and Bob Hope who arrived to entertain troops

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