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Wangcheng County

Wangcheng County (Simplified Chinese: 望城县, Traditional Chinese: 望城縣; pinyin: wàng chéng xiàn) is a county of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province in China.Wangcheng has a population of 706500(2002 census).


Wangcheng was formed from a portion of Changsha county, dividing the Changsha County into 2 counties of Changsha and Wangcheng in 1951, then the two counties were remerged into the Changsha County in 1957, in Dec. 1977. Wangcheng was rebuilt its organizational system dividing the Changsha County.

The name "Wangcheng" was originated from the county seat where it was located at Wangcheng Slope (望城坡, pinyin: wàng chéng pō) on the west bank of the Xiang River in Changsha at the time the county was formed, it was transferred to Gaotangling (Simplified Chinese: 高塘岭,Traditional Chinese:髙塘嶺;pinyin:gāo táng lǐng, Wade-Giles:kāo táng lǐng) in 1952.


Located in the central west of Changsha, in the low reaches of the Xiang River, Wangcheng adjoins east to Changsha county, Miluo, north to Xiangyin, the Heshan District of Yiyang , west to Ningxiang, southwest to the Yuelu District, Xiangtan city, southeast to the Kaifu District. It covers an area of 1355 sq. kilometers, accounting for 11.5% of Changsha.



  • Gaotangling town
  • Pingtang town
  • Qiaoyi town
  • Leifeng town
  • Tongguan town
  • Xingcheng town
  • Hanpu town
  • Qiaoyi town
  • Jinggang town