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The W-League is the first modern professional women's soccer league in the United States. Its initial season in 1995. Originally the United States Interregional Womens' League, it changed its name later to the W-League. Although at its inception the league was hardly above amateur with some franchises, it made a very strong debut performance, providing a professional outlet for many of the top female soccer players in the country.

From 1995 through the 1997 season the W-League is a single tier format (all teams are at the same division). This changes before the 1998 season when the W-League becomes a two tier league. The top tier/division is called W-1 and lower division is called W-2. This division remains in effect through the 2001 season (the first year of the new US Women’s first division league Women's United Soccer Association (WUSA). The W-League returns to the single tier format in the 2002 season.

The W-League currently provides the most complete women’s player pool in the world. It is recognized as North America’s best women’s developmental organization. The W-League also gives the college players the opportunity to play alongside established international players while maintaining their collegiate eligibility.

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2004 Teams


Northeast Division

North Central Division

New England Division


Atlantic Division

Midwest Division


Past Champions

For 1998 through 2001 the W-League was divided into two divisions W-1 the top division and W-2 the lower division.

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