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Virtual microscope

The project Virtual Microscope is a university-supervised initiative to make micromorphology and behavior of some small organisms explorable online. The server is located in the northern USA and the images are from Antarctica and the Baltic. The user can click into the details of interest and gets images of higher magnification or resolution, then Scanning Electron Microscopey images, Transmision Electron Microscopey images and at the end peer revied publications. On larger objects the arrow keys of the keyboard can be used as a crosstable on a real microscope is. This project has been used also to introduce young learners to the internet and the capabilities of Web browsers, Search Engines and databases (like fishbase / larvalbase)It is intended to extend the species list and all are invited to email more images for inclusion. The editor board consists of professors from universities of both sides of the Atlantic.

You can click into the ocular and try it out