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Victor Amadeus II of Savoy

Victor Amadeus II (b.May 14 1666-d.October 31 1732 was the Duke of Savoy (1675-1720, 1730-1732), first king of Sardinia 1720-1730 and king of Sicily 1713-1718. His mother Marie Jeanne Baptiste was the regent from 1675 to 1684.

He married

  1. Anna Maria of Orleans (b. August 27, 1669-d. August 26, 1728)
  2. Anna Canalis of Cumiana and had children including:
1. Maria Adelaide (b.1685-d.1712) married Louis, duke of Burgundy and had a son:
Louis XV of France
2. Maria Louise (b.1688-d.1714 married Philip V of Spain
3. Victor Amadeus (Vittorio Amedeo) d.1715, prince of Piedmont
4. Carlo Emanuele III

Preceded by:
Carlo Emanuele II
House of Savoy Succeeded by:
Carlo Emanuele III