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"Vibes" was a comedy film released in the 1980's starring pop icon and singer Cyndi Lauper, actor Jeff Goldblum and legendary actor Peter Falk. The movie, about Sylvia, a loopy, ditzy psychic woman, and Nick, her equally dim male psychic friend and their trip into the Himalayas to find the "source of psychic energy" was a huge critical and commercial failure.

Quotes Sylvia: Oh excuse me. Could someone settle this? In a Rolls Royce Corniche, the bar opens from the left to the right, doesn't it?

Harry: Why do you have a gun in your apartment? Sylvia: It's not mine. My ex-boyfriend left it when he moved. Harry: Why did *he* have it? Sylvia: I don't know. With a guy named Icepick, you don't ask questions.

"The vibes" is a slang name for a vibraphone: "He plays the vibes."