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Venom (band)

Venom is a band formed in Newcastle in England in 1979 by Cronos (vocals, bass), Mantas (guitar) and Abaddon (drums), names gleaned from the Satanic Bible. Dissatisfied with the metal scene at the time, where the toughest bands were Motorhead and Judas Priest, Cronos, Mantas and Abandon propose to push the genre further. Originally, the band was called Oberon and consisted of 5 members. Mantas worked on the road and "Venom" was his nickname. Cronos initially joined the group as a guitarist Mantas asked him to sing Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil and the group immediately appreciated the result.

Their first album, Welcome To Hell (1981), was a remarkable tour de force at the time, when the only group that dared mention the name of Satan was Black Sabbath.

Black metal was born with the second Venom album, Black Metal (1982). Much of the basic elements of Black metal throughout the ages are found in the music, the lyrics and even the song titles of this album.


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