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By one hypothesis (see links below), Venedes, Veneds, Wends ('Veneti', 'Venetkeni', 'Venetkini', 'Venedi', 'Vinedi', 'Vendi', (Jordanes 'Venethi'), 'Sclavi', 'Sclavini', (Jordanes 'Sclaveni'), 'Slovonici') (Greek 'Venedes', Homer shortened the name to 'Enetoi', Jordanes wrote 'Ainetoi' ("Laudable")) | (also 'Wenets', 'Venets', 'Wenetes') (not to be confused with Venetians or Venicians), the Proto-Slavs (Proto-Slovenes, Slo-veneti), an Aryan folk from Sorbian (Lusatian (Lusation), Wendish) culture along the Amber's path conquer and settle region between the Baltic sea and Adriatic Sea.

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