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Vauxhall Viva

The Viva was a model of car produced by Vauxhall Motors in a variety of models from 1963 to 1979. The models were known as the HA, the HB and the HC series.

The Viva HA (1963-1966) was a small, rather boxy car with a 1057cc engine. The 4 cylinder front mounted engine drove the rear wheels.

The Viva HB (1967-1970) was a larger car, featuring a distinctive coke-bottle waistline, modelled after American cars of the time such as the Dodge Charger. It featured the same engine as the HA, but enlarged to 1159cc, and a 1598cc OHC engine model. The HB Viva was also built and sold in Australia as the Holden Torana.

The Viva HC (1971-1979) was mechanically the same as the HB but had more modern styling, and the basic engine was enlarged once again to 1256cc. In addition, a coupé (fastback) two-door variant was made known as the Firenza. Larger engined variants (1800 and 2.3 litre Slant Four) had twin headlamps and were badged as the Magnum. Later, the Magnum badge was used for the coupé body type as well. Vivas were manufactured in large numbers, and were gradually developed to keep pace with expectations in trim level and comfort throughout the 70s. However, they were never a very refined car, with an old-fashioned engine, and became harder and harder to sell towards the end of the decade. By the mid-80s, the once ubiquitous Viva was a rare sight on the roads, having been scrapped in vast numbers by upgrading owners.

All three Viva variants have a following in the classic car fraternity, but are rarely considered to be true classics.

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