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Variations of Sheepshead

There are many MANY variations of sheepshead. Sheepshead players, feel free to add you own!

Clubs as trump

Some areas of Wisconsin play with CLUBS as trump instead of diamonds. Queens and Jacks are still the same though.

Crack & Re-crack

If you have a good hand, you can "crack" when someone takes the blind before you get the chance. The stakes are doubled when this happens. The picker can then "re-crack" if they believe their hand is good enough to win (which would quadruple (4x) the stakes. (If you are playing quarters, this can cost a lot of cash! A re-cracked game where the picker doesn't get schneider will cost the picker $4.00 for that hand alone--($.25 x 4 {picker, did not get schneideer} x 4 {re-cracked}))

Jack of Diamonds Partner

One of the most common variations. Instead of calling an ace, you can have the Jack of Diamonds automatically be the partner. If the picker gets the Jack of Diamonds in the blind, some people play that he can call Jack of Hearts partner instead. Others will play picker has to go it alone.

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