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Valmieras county

Valmiera is the largest city of Vidzeme, Latvia with a total area of 18.1 km˛.

It lies on the crossroads of several important motorways, only 100 km from the capital of Latvia – Riga and 50 km from the border of Estonia. Valmiera lies on the both banks of the Gauja River.

During the period of changes from totalitarian to democratic society Valmiera has become an administrative centre of Vidzeme. Several important state institutions are located in Valmiera.

In the 2002 the population of Valmiera was 27,323.

Not only municipality, government and the private sector, but also public organizations are well developed in Valmiera.

Valmiera municipality takes an active role in promoting projects. One of the largest projects is creating garbage – control system in Northern Vidzeme. A project about water supply development and restoration of sewage systems is being realized to promote the modernization of the economic system in Vidzeme.

The improvement of the payment system, the construction of a thermo electric station and a project of the Olympic Centre – a sports hall are at the beginning stage.

Valmiera District is one of the most industrious districts in Latvia with production concentrated in the district centre – Valmiera. The dominating economic branches in Valmiera are the food industry: milk, meat and grain, fiberglass production, metalworking, wood processing and furniture producing.

Different public organizations cultivate an environment of entrepreneurship and work on research and support different important events.

History of Valmiera

Valmiera and its surroundings have been one of the longest inhabited regions of Latvia – the first people have lived here already 9,000 years ago. Valmiera was first mentioned as a town in a chronicle dating back to 1323. But the true founding of the town probably occurred at least 40 years earlier when the master of Livonian Order Villekin fon Endorp started to build catholic church and castle on the banks of the river Gauja. Valmiera was a member of the Hanseatic League from the 14th till 16th century. That brought a great animation and movement into the quiet but still active town’s life.

In the 1702 during the North War Valmiera was destroyed and burned down. Valmiera survived the depredations of war experienced several rules and after all became an important administrative and trading centre.

Burtnieki is a district in Valmieras county.

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