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Valacar is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth

He was the twentieth King of Gondor and the son of Rómendacil II, whom he succeeded in 1366 T.A.

His ascension brought great unrest to Gondor, for he was sent by his father as an ambassador to Rhovanion to aquaint himself with the Northmen.

On this mission he married Vidumavi, the daughter of Vidugavia, the King of Rhovanion. Because the Northmen were Middle Men, the Dúnedain in Gondor were afraid that this marriage might spoil the Númenorean blood of its Kings.

When Valacar grew old, the coastal provinces rebelled.

His wife died early, as was common with the Northmen, but she bore him a son, Eldacar, who would succeed Valacar in 1432 T.A.

Preceded by:
Rómendacil II
Gondorian kings Followed by:
Castamir the Usurper