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Utah War

The Utah War was a 19th-century armed conflict between Mormon settlers in Utah Territory and the U.S federal government. From 1857 to 1858, the settlers and the government battled for hegemony over the culture and government of the state-to-be. James Buchanan, trying to protect his party from accusations that they supported both polygamy and slavery, annoucement the removal of Brigham Young as governor of Utah and his replacement with Alfred Cumming. The Nauvoo Legion, a Utah militia under Young's leadership, harrassed the federal mission, and the Utah Expedition's commander, Albert Sidney Johnston, decided to settle in at the burned out remains of Fort Bridger for the winter. In spring, reinforcements arrived to resupply and strengthen the military presence in Utah, but negotiations were also already underway and in 1858 Young accepted his replacement and peace returned to Deseret.

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