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USS Washington

Ten ships of the United States Navy have been named USS Washington, originally in honor of George Washington, and later (20th century) for the 42nd state.

The first Washington was a schooner named Endeavor acquired by General George Washington, renamed Washington, and re-rigged as a brigantine.

The second Washington was a row galley that operated in Narragansett Bay.

The third Washington, 32 was one of 13 frigates authorized by the Continental Congress.

The fourth Washington, a lateen-rigged two-masted galley, served in Brigadier General Benedict Arnold's fleet.

The fifth Washington, 74, a ship of the line, was the second such to be launched by the Navy, and was on active service from 1815 to 1820.

The sixth Washington was a revenue cutter that initially operated out of Mobile, Alabama, before shifting to Key West, Florida.

The seventh Washington, a revenue cutter, was the ship that discovered Amistad after its cargo of slaves seized control of that schooner.

The eighth Washington (ACR-11) was a Tennessee-class armored cruiser.

The ninth Washington (BB-47) was a Colorado-class battleship.

The tenth Washington (BB-56) was a North Carolina-class battleship.

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