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USS New York City (SSN-696)

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Ordered:24 January 1972
Laid down:15 December 1973
Launched:18 June 1977
Delivered:23 January 1979
Commissioned:3 March 1979
Fate:Ship-Submarine Recycling
Struck:30 April 1997
'''General Characteristics'''
Displacement:5731 tons light, 6111 tons full, 380 tons dead
Length:362 feet
Beam:33 feet
Draft:32 feet
Reactor:S6G reactor
Speed:>30 knots
Test Depth:950 feet
Complement:12 officers, 98 men
Armament:four 21-inch torpedo tubes aft of bow, AGM-84 Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles from 12 vertical launch tubes, Mk48 torpedoes

USS New York City (SSN-696), a Los Angeles-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of specifically the city of New York, as distinct from the state. Her construction was ordered on 24 January 1972 and begun on 15 December 1973 by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics. She was launched on 18 June 1977 sponsored by Mrs. James R. Schlesinger, delivered to the Navy on 23 January 1979, and commissioned on 3 March 1979 with Commander James A. Ross in command.

New York City was decommissioned and struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 30 April 1997 and entered the Ship-Submarine recycling program at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

See USS New York for ships named for the state. Note that LPD-21, despite the gesture of including steel salvaged from the World Trade Center in her hull, is explicitly named for the state, not the city.

On the television show JAG, the ball caps worn by the crew of the fictional submarine USS Watertown indicate that it is SSN-696.