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USS California

Six ships of the United States Navy have been named USS California in honor of the 31th state.

The first USS California was a screw sloop originally named Minnetonka.

The second USS California (ACR-6), a Pennsylvania-class armored cruiser later renamed San Diego, saw action escorting convoys during World War I.

The third USS California (SP-249), originally a yacht named Hauoli, served during World War I as a motor patrol boat in New York City Harbor and as an experimental platform used by Thomas Edison to test underwater listening devices.

The fourth USS California (SP-647) served during World War I as a motor patrol boat in San Francisco Harbor.

California (ACR-6) was renamed San Diego to free up her name for the lead ship of a new class of battleship. At one time, BB-40 was to have been the new California, but that ship was actually commissioned (and the class actually named for) USS New Mexico (BB-40).

The fifth USS California (BB-44), a New Mexico-class battleship, saw action in World War II.

The sixth USS California (CGN-36), known as the "Golden Grizzly," was the lead ship of her class of a nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser.