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US 2nd Infantry Division

The U.S. 2nd Infantry Division is a formation of the US Army. Its primary mission is the defense of South Korea in the initial stages of an invasion from North Korea until other US Army units can arrive.

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3 Command and Staff
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There are approximately 15,000 soldiers in the 2nd Infanty Division.

The 2nd Division, unlike any other division in the Army, is made up partially of Korean soldiers, called KATUSAs (Korean Augmentation to US Army). This program began in 1950 by agreement with South Korean President Syngman Rhee. Some 27,000 KATUSAs served with the US forces at the end of the Korean War. Approximately 1,400 served in 2002


Command and Staff

Division Commander: Major General John R. Wood Deputy Division Commander (Maneuver)

Division Command Sergeant Major: CSM James Lucerno Division KATUSA Sergeant Major: Park, Jung Gil


Camp Red Cloud
Camp Essayons
Camp Casey: 45 miles north of Seoul; 17 miles south of DMZ
Camp Castle
Camp Hovey
Camp Howze
Camp Stanley


1st Brigade
1st Battalion, 72nd Armor, at Camp Casey
2nd Battalion, 72nd Armor, at Camp Casey
2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry, at Camp Casey

2nd Brigade
2nd Brigade Combat Team, at Camp Casey (tactical arrangement)
1st Battalion, 9th Infantry, at Camp Hovey
1st Battalion (Air Assault), 503rd Infantry, at Camp Hovey
1st Battalion (Air Assault), 506th Infantry, at Camp Casey
Long Range Surveillance Detachment, at Camp Hovey
Expert Infantry Badge Course, at Camp Casey

Division Artillery (DIVARTY)
DIVARTY Headquarters
1st Battalion, 15th Artillery; ("Guns Battalion"), 155 mm cannon
2nd Battalion, 17th Artillery; ("Steel Battalion") At Camp Hovey; supports 2nd Brigade Combat Team
3 Paladin batteries (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie)
Headquarters Battery
Service Battery

6th Battalion, 37th Artillery Regiment; Commander: Lt. Colonel David Thompson
Headquarters Battery (HHB)
2 ATACMS (Bat II) Multiple launch rocket systems batteries
Service Battery

1st Battaltion, 38th Artillery; ("Steel Behind the Rock"); General support for division; counter-fire on North Korean batteries

5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Regiment; Lieutenant Colonel Roberto L. Delgado, Commanding

Aviation Brigade
Aviation Brigade Headquarters
4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry
2nd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment
1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment

Eighth Army Support:
2nd Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment

Engineering Brigade
2nd Engineer Battalion, located at Camp Castle

122nd Signal Battalion

Division Support Command (DISCOM)
Division Medical Operations Center (DMOC)
121st General Hospital, at Yongsam Garrison
127th Field Surgical Team

2nd Forward Support Battalion, at Camp Hovey; Tactically supports 1st Brigade Combat Team
302nd Forward Support Battalion ("Iron Horse"), at Camp Casey: Tactically supports 1st Brigade Combat Team
4th Chemical Company
602nd Aviation Support Battalion ("Warhorse Battalion"; motto "To Bend Broken Wings"); at Camp Stanley; Provides support for 2nd Aviation Brigade

702nd Main Support Battalion; second-level maintenance


Unit History