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Uptown Arena

The Uptown Arena is the planned arena for the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats from 2005 on. The arena name is tentative, and will likely be changed via a sponsorship deal before the venue opens. ("Uptown" is the local term for Charlotte's central business district.) The city's WNBA team, the Charlotte Sting, will also use the arena, but will not play there until 2006, since the new arena will not be ready for the Sting's summer season in 2005. The Bobcats will play their inaugural season (2004-05) in the existing Charlotte Coliseum, where the Sting now play.

The situation is similar to that of Charlotte's other major-league franchise, the NFL's Carolina Panthers. The Panthers played their first season (1995) at Clemson University before the completion of their current home, Ericsson Stadium, in 1996.