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Ununbium - Ununtrium - Ununquadium

Full table
Predicted properties
Name, Symbol, NumberUnuntrium, Uut, 113
Chemical seriesPresumably true metals
Group, Period, Block13, 7 , p
Appearance Unknown, probably a metallic
and silvery white or grey colour
Atomic weight [287] amu(A Guess)
Electron configuration [Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s27p1
(a guess based upon thallium)
e- 's per energy level2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 18, 3
State of matter presumably a solid
Ununtrium is the temporary name of an undiscovered chemical element in the periodic table that has the temporary symbol Uut and has the atomic number 113.


The name Ununtrium is used as a placeholder, such as in scientific articles about the search for Element 113; it is a Latinateate way of saying "one-one-three-ium" ("ium" being a standard ending for element names). Such transuranic elements are always artificially produced, and usually end up being named for a scientist. See Element naming controversy, systematic element name.

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