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UNO (game)

UNO is a card game played with a specially printed deck. The game was originally developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins. It is now a Mattel product.

Table of contents
1 Official Rules
2 Common variants
3 Similar Games

Official Rules

The custom deck consists of cards of 4 suits (colors): red, green, blue, and yellow. The ranks in each suit are 0-9. There are 3 "honor" cards in each suit, labelled "skip", "draw two", and "reverse". There are special black cards, "wild" and "wild draw four". There are two copies of each regular card, except for the 0s, which only have one per suit. There are four "wild" and "wild draw four".

To start the game, seven cards are dealt to each player, and the top card of the stock is exposed to start the discard pile. If the exposed card has a special ability, it is treated as if the dealer played that card, and the special effect occurs. (I.e., skip, draw two, reverse, wild, or wild draw four.)

At each turn, a player may play a card from their hand that matches the suit or rank of the top exposed card, or play a wild or wild draw four. If a player has no legal card to play, that player draws the top card of the stock, and may either play it or place it in his hand. A player may choose to draw the top card of the stock even if they have a legal play (known as reneging), but after having drawn the top card of the stock only that card may be played that turn. (A player may intentionally do this when desperate to keep another player from going out.) After playing a single card or drawing, the next player clockwise takes a turn, unless a reverse is in effect.

The hand ends when one player player plays all their cards. When a player plays down to only one card, they are required to say "uno". If they fail to say uno, then another player may force them to draw two penalty cards. If nobody notices the failure to say uno before that player takes another turn, there is no penalty. There is no penalty for falsely accusing someone of not saying "uno".

Special cards


At the end of each hand, each player counts the value of the cards left in their hand. The cards numbered 0-9 are worth the amount on the card. (In some games, the players agree to count 0 cards as worth 10.) The honor cards are worth 20 (skip, reverse, draw two). The wild and wild draw four are worth 50. There are several different scoring methods:

  1. The player who goes out scores the combined total of all other players' hands. The other players score nothing. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible. The winner is the first to 500 points, or after a certain number of hands or amount of time.
  2. The player who goes out scores the average of the values of all other players hands.
  3. Each player scores the amount of the cards left in their hand. The person who goes out scores nothing. The goal is to have the smallest score possible. Under this method, a player who goes out but has a small score can has still done well. There are several ways to determine a winner.
    1. Play for a specified amount of time or number of hands.
    2. End the game when one player reaches 500, as in the game of hearts.
    3. Each player who reaches the target score is eliminated, and the remaining players continue.

Common variants

Similar Games

Uno is a member of the stops family of card games. The stops family of card games consists of games where the objective is to get rid of all your cards while preventing the other players from getting rid of their cards.

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