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University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia ("UWA") is Western Australia's oldest university, established in 1915. The original campus was located in Hay Street in the centre of Perth, in what was known as "Tin Pot Alley" (the roof of the building was made of tin).

The main campus is as of the 1930s located in Crawley. The original building has been transported to the new campus, and serves as a cricket pavilion. Sporting facilities are also located in Mt Claremont.

The Crawley campus is one of Perth's premier tourist attractions. Many of the buildings are constructed from limestone, including the enormous Hackett Hall with its neo-Classical architecture. These buildings are dotted amongst green parks and thickets of trees. The campus is adjacent to the Swan River.

The university boasts faculties of law, medicine, dentistry, arts, architecture, science, agriculture, and engineering. There are several residential colleges nearby including St George's College, St Catherine's College, and Sir Thomas More College.

UWA is one of the largest landowners in Perth, as the result of government and private bequests.

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