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University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines (Unibersidad ng Pilipinas in Filipino) or U.P. is the premiere state university of the Philippines. It was founded in 1908 and is now composed of seven constituent Autonomous Universities around the country providing tertiary-level education in almost every field from agriculture, medicine, and law, to the natural and social sciences, engineering, and fine arts.

U.P. is a highly reputable school of tertiary learning and more high school students apply to it than any other college or university in the country. U.P. is also noted for its highly political and activist student body promoting stands on national issues, as well as being a bastion of academic freedom and excellence.

The foremost symbol of U.P. is the Oblation. This is a figure of a naked man, arms outstretched and face pointed upwards, symbolizing selfless dedication and service to the nation.

U.P. has produced some of the country brightest politicians, economists, lawyers, scientists, engineers, medical doctors, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Several of the Philippine Presidents were UP alumni.

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The Autonomous Universities

Presently (2003), the University of the Philippines System is composed of seven Autonomous Universities located in over 10 campuses around the country. U.P. Diliman is the flagship campus of the university and specializes in liberal arts, law, engineering, social sciences, natural sciences, business and economics, and fine arts. U.P. Manila is geared towards medicine and operates the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). U.P. Los Baños specializes in biotechnology, agriculture, and forestry, while U.P. Visayas concentrates mostly in fisheries. The U.P. Open University provides long-distance education.


U.P. was established in 1908 by Act No. 1870, otherwise known as the University Charter, of the First Philippine Legislature. U.P. started with three colleges, the College of Fine Arts, the College of Liberal Arts, and the College of Medicine and Surgery located in Manila as well as a School of Agriculture in Los Baņos, Laguna.

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