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University of Oslo

The University of Oslo (Universitetet i Oslo), founded in 1811 (by the name University of Christiania) and having approx. 32,000 students, is the largest and oldest university in Norway. The other universities are the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the University of Bergen and the University of Troms°.

The university has faculties of Theology, Law, Medicine, Arts, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Dentistry, Social Sciences and Education. Some of these are situated in the central part of Oslo, while most of them lie in a part of Oslo called Blindern.

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Four researchers at the University of Oslo have been rewarded with Nobel prizes:

Student life

Being situated in a
social democracy, the fee for attending this university is very low: 880 NOK (approx. 80 USD) per year.

While Oslo has some of the highest real estate prices in the world, Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo provides relatively cheap apartments for foreign students, and students from out of town.

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