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University of Newcastle upon Tyne

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne is located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England. It has its origins in the College of Medicine established in association with Durham University in 1834, which formally became a college of Durham in 1851. In 1871 the scientists and engineers formed a separate college: the College of Physical Science, which subsequently became Armstrong College.

Armstrong College and the College of Medicine were merged in 1937 to form King's College of Durham University (the Durham Division remained predominantly dedicated to the teaching of theology and liberal arts).

Growth of the Newcastle Division of the federal Durham University led to extreme tensions in the structure and in 1963 an Act of Parliament separated the two divisions of the federal structure, leaving Durham as an 'Oxbridge'-style collegiate university and creating the University of Newcastle upon Tyne as a monolithic university similar to Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester.

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