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University of Central England

The University of Central England in Birmingham (UCE) is located in Birmingham, England. The main campus is at Perry Barr.

It has one of the largest faculties of art, design and media education in the United Kingdom.

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1 Birmingham Polytechnic
2 Incorporation
3 University status
4 Merger?
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Birmingham Polytechnic

Before it became a University, by statute on March 6 1992, it was Birmingham Polytechnic, run by Birmingham City Council.

Although Birmingham had had a Polytechinic from 1843-1853, this one was created in 1971 from five colleges:

In 1975, three further colleges were absorbed:

In 1888, another was added:


On April 1 1989, the Education Reform Act made this and all polytechnics independent corporations with charitable status.

University status

The Further and Higher Education Act was given Royal Assent on March 6 1992, allowing all polytechnics to adopt the title of 'university'

The name University of Central England in Birmingham was approved by the Privy Council on the June 16 1992.

In 1995, yet another two colleges were absorbed:


In November 2003, the UCE asked neighbouring Aston University to consider a merger. If Aston agrees, this will probably take place in August 2006.


The UCE now has 9 faculties:

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