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Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

The Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM) is one of the most reputed engineering universities of Chile, situated in Valparaíso. It has a beautiful American neo-gothic campus with a great view over the sea.

The university takes its names of Federico Santa María, a Chilean who lived in France. He raised a huge fortune as broker in the sugar market in Paris.

In his testament, Santa María donated all his fortune to build in Valparaíso - his hometown - an high-standard technical and scientifical institution. This institution should be dedicated to prepare students with an deficient socio economical condition but great potential to learn technical and scientifical knowledge, so the could contribute to the progress of Chile.

On March 31, 1926, a foundation was created in sense to develop Santa María's legacy. Finally on 1931 the School of Crafts and Arts and School of Engineering José Miguel Carrera was foundated. In 1935 it changed its name to Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.

1960 the Graduate School was created. In 1963 the university became the first high-education institution to confer a Doctor degree in Latin America.

The University is specialized in engineering and technician degrees, including civil engineering, mechanics, electricity, electronics, chemistry, computer science, etc.

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