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United States Peace and Freedom Party

The Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) was founded in 1967 as a leftist organization opposed to the Vietnam War. The PFP reached its peak of support in 1968 when it nominated Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver for President. Although a convicted felon, Cleaver carried nearly 37,000 votes.

In 1972, the PFP nominated democratic socialist and anti-war activist Benjamin Spock. Since then, the PFP has been targeted by smaller extremist groups who were after its coveted California ballot spot. In 1996, the PFP successfully blocked an attempt by the Workers World Party to nominate its own Monica Moorehead. The PFP 1996 Presidential candidate, Marsh Feinland, garnered over 25,000 votes in California. However, in 1998, the PFP failed to attain more than 2% of the votes, causing them to lose ballot status in the state.

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