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United States Citizens Party

The Citizens Party was a short lived United States political party organized by environmental scientist Barry Commoner in approximately 1980.

The Citizens Party platform was pro-environmental and possibly socialist in nature.

The party debated internally before the 1980 election whether to organize campaigning based on local grassroots efforts, or to attempt a national approach; they did the latter. Some have pointed to Commoner's presidential run as a failure because it relied on a cult of personality around Commoner himself; by 1984, his successor candidate pulled in only a third of the votes he had.

Indications seem to be that shortly after 1984, the Citizens Party lost the fundamental ability to function, moved its headquarters from Washington, D.C, then ceased to exist entirely. In some localities, members of the Citizens Party may have reorganized to form the United States Green Party.

The Citizens Party is known to have produced two candidates for President of the United States:

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