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Unia Wolnosci

Unia Wolnosci (Liberty Union, UW) is a Polish political party, which was founded on March 20, 1994 out of the merger of of the Democratic Union (UD) and the Congress of Liberal Democrats (KLD). Both of these parties had roots in the Solidarity movement. It represents European liberal tradition, i.e. it advocates free market economy and individual liberty. It rejects all extremism and fanaticism and favours European integration, rapid privatisation of the enterprises still owned by the Polish state and decentralisation of the government.

In 1991 general elections KLD got 7,5% of the votes and 37 seats in the Sejm (total 460 seats) and UD got 12,3% of the votes and 62 seats. In 1993 KLD got 4,0% of the votes and was left without seats, UD got 10,6% of the votes and 74 seats. In 1997 UW got 13,4% of the votes and 60 seats. In 2001 it got 3,1% of the votes and was left without seats.

In January 2001 many members of Unia Wolnosci decided to move to join the new Platforma Obywatelska (Citizens' Platform, PO), which got 12,7% of the votes 65 seats in the 2001 general elections.

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