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The Ultimates are a team of heroes in the Marvel "Ultimateverse". This is a world which reimagines Marvel heros in a more real world scenaro.

The team consists of

Steve Rogers (Captain America). The subject of a genetic experiment in the 1940's skinny Steve Rogers was transformed into the living symbol of liberty, Captain America! After preventing a nuke launch in 1945 Cap fell more then 10,000 feet into the Artic ocean where his body entered croyogenic suspension due to the cold and his altered biologicals. Revived Fifty-Seven years later he is now field leader for the Ultimates.

Anthony "Tony" Stark (Iron Man). The worlds third richest man, Stark has developed an amazing suit of powered armor called the Iron Man in which he fights with the Ultimates. He is somewhat gung ho with his own safety, the reason for which was revealed in Ultimates #6. He has a brain tumor that will kill him in anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. With nothing to lose he is trying to make a better world before he goes.

Thor (Other alias not known). Son of Odin he claims to be a norse God sent to save the world. Others think he's just a mad mutant, whatever the truth, he's very very powerful and wields a really big hammer.

Janet Pym (The wasp). Scientist Janet Pym is unique, transformed by her husband Hank she can shrink to an inch tall and grow wings like a real wasp. Janet may soon leave the team owing to her being assulted by her husband in issue 6 and nearly bitten to death by ants!!! Her husband has a history of abuse and a divorce is likly in the offering. Captain America is attracted to her though she does not seen to reciprotate it.

Hank Pym (Giant Man). Husband of Janet (For now), Hank recently gained the ability to grow sixty foot tall. Some suspect he won't be long in the Ultimates since he assulted he wife and then got his butt kicked by Captain America.

Bruce Banner (The Hulk) Coming soon

Natasha Romanova (The Black Widow) Enhanced former KGB agent, the widow has defected to shield covert ops and is helping the ultimates behind the scenes.

In addition the Mutants Quicksilver and Scarlet witch assist the team on occasion and Betty Ross serves as publicity officer.